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Thursday, 25 February 2010

cell phones in the bathroom

Alternative title - don't use mobile phones in the loo. I am still trying to find a connection between this and compassion, spirituality, love, the Wounded Healer. Indeed I feel anything but love and compassion for pigeons at the moment.
But first - my experiment - dont spoil it for me - please leave a comment just to say you've passed by this blog.Why?
I have just read a blog where the blogger said his hits and comments left on his blog for writing said item suddenly jumped to 100's from the total anonymity of his more serious but definitely more worthwhile musings both before and since. So this is my experiment - to see if this has the same effect for me!! Out of interest I googled said title - and hey there are literally millions of entries - of all sorts - videos - advice serious and otherwise - around "Don't use your cell phone in the bathroom."

On to pigeons and pigeon netting again. Why do the pictures in gardening catalogues always show such neat netting around perfectly formed frames around the vegetables. I spent two hours this morning in bitter cold putting new nets around the broccoli that the pigeons are determined to strip bare before any of it gets to my dinner plate. And it looks far from neat and symmetrical - it's a bit lopsided for sure - but I just hope it does the trick!


Dan said...

I LOVE your attempt at getting more attention! Let me know if it works! Thank you for your very kind words about my blog.



Eleanor said...

Sad to say the experiment has not been a success for me - the great public out there are obviously very fickle - I shall have to think of another titillating title to attract attention! Any ideas?

Dan said...

Maybe if you don't THINK about getting all those hits... LOL ... I didn't think about getting any extra attention, I just wrote what was on my mind, which happened to be something a bit screwy. LOL

So... try not to THINK about getting a lot of "hits"... try not to THINK about ... oh, never mind! :)

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