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Friday, 14 May 2010

Letters From an Extreme Pilgrim

As I prepare tonight to watch How to Live a Simple Life, the latest TV series from our very own wacky reverend Peter Owen Jones, I am delighted to see that his latest book, Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim: Reflections on Life, Love and the Soul is doing so well in the Amazon UK rankings. I reviewed this a few weeks ago on Amazon - this is what I said then:

"This book is based on a disarmingly simple idea: to write letters to those who have played an important part in the author's life, whilst exploring and reflecting on the spiritual nature of those relationships and what they have meant to him.
But do not be deceived. On one level certainly the book may be undemanding. But it is also on another level spiritually challenging and in today's fractured world we need to accept that challenge and be receptive to the new era of spirituality and consciousness that we now enter. We need to rediscover our spirit and our soul, and the author will help us do this.
The author is honest, open and courageous as he bares his own uncertainties and vulnerabilities to reflect on love, beauty, the soul, and the nature of God. There is a certain poignancy to some of his letters, for example the story of the lost love of the Girl in the Field. Here he sensitively explores the different types of relationship between man and woman, the different experiences of enchantment, intimacy, desire, and he certainly helped me understand a little more about my own relationships. And by way of contrast he is not afraid to tackle religious fundamentalism head on with his letter to Osama, which must surely make us all examine our own position on love and faith and respect of our fellow beings.

I like The Times description of the author as "the bravest vicar in Britain...a man living with his soul." The book is unusual and refreshing for that. I can recommend this little volume - it will help us all make more sense of this world, help us understand a little more of who we are and I hope will help us reconnect with our own souls for a better world"

I'm not sure I understand why this book does not appear at Amazon.com.

The random photos by the way are from a holiday in Norfolk last year!

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