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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Many-Sided Wisdom - A New Politics of the Spirit

I wrote yesterday of Anekant or Many-Sided Wisdom, and the book by Aidan Rankin with that title, alongside my early thoughts on Sam Harris' book, The End of Faith.

At the end of the day surely we are all in search of the Truth, and there may be many different paths that will lead us there.

I have mentioned the Scientific and Medical network before (see my 16 July 2010 blog). This network for science and medical professionals was founded in 1973 to explore the frontiers of science, medicine, spirituality and human experience. It counts many eminent scientists amongst its members and its aims are not only "to provide a safe forum for the critical and open minded discussion of ideas that go beyond conventional paradigms in science, medicine and philosophy," but also to "integrate insights with rational analysis in ... investigations, to encourage a respect for Earth and community which emphasizes a spiritual and holistic approach and to challenge the adequacy of "scientific materialism" as an exclusive basis for knowledge and values," whilst maintaining the highest standards of scientific scrutiny and objective principles.

The point to note about the SMN is the principle of offering a "safe forum." Truly, some ideas put forward may seem far fetched to some, but the point is that we are all open minded and offer a climate for discussion and debate where real understanding can be gained within the rigors of scientific objectivity. I really believe that this is the way forward for our planet, rather than atheists trashing religion in its many guises.

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