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Monday, 1 November 2010

public toilets


I’ve always been suspicious of these self -contained automatic toilet kiosks you increasingly see in cities across the globe these days – designed to totally sluice down the inside between each individual use.

Now my worst suspicions have been confirmed.

We were touring in the Dordogne in 2010 (before France decided to come to a standstill over their latest pension proposals!). We were in Montignac to buy tickets for the Lascaux II Caves (replicas of the original cave paintings and incredibly well worth visiting, but that is another story).

Husband went in first, then me. OK he said as he came out – all is clearly explained once inside as to what to do, he assured me (apart of course from the usual physical bodily functions!). So in I went, nervously.

I found the light at last – it came on when I pressed the button to indicate engaged and shut the door.

And there I was, alone and nervous and confronted by a sodden wet little room – everything was wet, the seat, the floor, the walls, the washbasin; all sodden. So where was I supposed to place my large bag, and how was I supposed to keep the hems of my best trousers clean and dry? Nowhere to hang or put anything, at least nowhere dry to hang or put anything. So I went out, dumped said bag on husband, hitched up my trouser legs and went in to try again.

Have you ever been to one of those jokey gardens where every now and then you get squirted with water from some hidden source. Hilarious on a hot sunny day when you’re prepared for it! Guess what! The minute I shut the door on this toilet, water squirted at me from all directions, soaking my shoes, my feet, my trousers, and I fled! And I won’t be going in one of those ever again. No Way!

Where did the lady in this photo put her bag? And what about the water waste? I certainly hope it’s not in any way being recycled!!

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