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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

8 reasons why the earth needs healing

Someone on another blog site wrote to me thus:

"I'm not a doomsdayer and believe when the earth was created, it had all we would need to inhabit it for as long as needed. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be responsible in caring for it. God's creations are so beautiful, and we all have the errand to help those within our sphere of influence. "

The problem is that we have not been responsible. Here are 8 reasons to start with as to why action is urgent and vital:

Combined wealth of world’s billionaires equals the income of half the world’s population – 3 billion poor people, living on less than $2.5 per day.

The American places twice the environmental load of the Swede on the planet, 280 times that of the Haitian.

Human consumption is nearing, and in some cases has already surpassed, planetary maxima. Oil, fish, and lumbar production have already peaked. 40% of world coral reefs have vanished.

The amount of land that can sustainably respond to human requirements, our “earth share”, of every man woman and child on the planet is 4.2 acres. Average world usage is now 8.9 acres per person.

World population is now 7 billion against 5 billion 22 years ago.

Water and Land resources are continually being diminished. Both will become big problems – along with food shortages.

A thousand million go hungry and 6 million children die annually of starvation whilst 155 million are overweight.

The economy is in crisis.

And so on: thanks to Ervin Laszlo in A New Renaissance for this summary.

And there is no problem? There most certainly is!

We really cannot close our eyes to this – we have to consider not only today but also what we leave to children and grandchildren.

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