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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wisdom Seekers at a crossroads in spiritual history

I have just read a rather good book. I have always been interested in the history of the New Age movement and wanted to understand that history, the good and the bad aspects, and where the movement sits in today’s search for an understanding of human consciousness. Wisdom Seekers, by Nevill Drury, is a detailed story of the evolution of that movement. Devotees, we are told, are wisdom seekers in quest of a new spiritual paradigm, hence the title of the book.
I have written a more detailed review to be found at Amazon, but what interested me most was the final and brief but no less important consideration of the implications of the New Age Movement for the future of human life on the planet.

In a final chapter the author expands on this.We are at a crossroads in spiritual history – we have a new spirituality that is open to all, that is not exclusive, and that is a vital aspect of a global tolerance that is so desperately needed. As individuals we should all take responsibility for our own lives and spiritual beliefs, and should be open to scientific developments and to many “truths,” all with their own values. We need a new paradigm shift; scientific reductionism still has the upper hand but the scientific study of human consciousness is challenged by the quantum/transpersonal/holistic model. That will be the solution to our global problems, if we allow it to be and if we can overcome the power of the self- interested corporations, economies, etc. We have become “dis-spirited” in shamanic terms and need to re- sacralize the world. Our personal spiritual transformations must be allowed to transform communities, then whole societies, and be allowed to spread to the international stage. I agree! These of course are issues I expand on in some detail in my own recent book, in the context of searching for healing and spirituality in all aspects of our lives.
Overall a fascinating read, for any one wanting a fuller understanding of the New Age movement, how it arrived at where it stands today, and its potential as a transpersonal solution to our current global crisis.

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