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Monday, 4 July 2011

Zimsculpt and Loseley Park

We visited Loseley Park gardens in Surrey, England, at the weekend - they were looking absolutely glorious. But a real unexpected bonus was the exhibition of Zimbabwean sculptures. I love sculptures anyway. But these really shone as being some of the very best I have seen. I loved the style; all unique, made mostly from stones of the serpentine family, hand mined in small scale open cast Zimbabwe mines. Most of the sculptors are inspired by the shape of the rocks available to them to influence the form of their work. Do visit the website of Zimsculpt to see what they are about, and if you get a chance to see an exhibition (this is now moving to Canada from July 22nd to 25th September) and if you like sculptures even half as much as I do, I would strongly suggest you go. Here are some flavours of the work, as shown to such advantage in the glorious gardens of Loseley park.

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