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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Parque Maritime Playa Vallehermosa, La Gomera

Parque Maritime at Playa de Vallehermosa La Gomera.
Last time I went I had a lovely meal there and it was a cultural centre, museum, gift shop and a pleasant place to be. Now it is all shut up, the road half washed away and looking very sad and sorry for itself. Anyone know what has happened?


Leo Lyons said...

Here is a link to a webpage about the Castillo del Mar which is the place you refer to in your blog. It sort of explains why it is currently closed. I have been visiting La Gomera for over 20 years and love it but the story of this place seems sadly typical of many ventures on the island. Things open then they close - even when they seem to be very succesful. I have no explanation. red tape? island rivalries? xenophobia? - I don't know but it is sad.


Eleanor Stoneham said...

Thank you very much for that Leo - am very interested in your comment. Like you I absolutely love La Gomera - I think I have been there 13 or more times - the Canaries' best kept secret! Have just come back after waving goodbye to the intrepid Atlantic rowers in the talisker whisky atlantic challenge. I WAS pleased to see that Cesar Manrique's mirador has reopened on the road down to Valle Gran Rey and is a fine view and coffee shop/restaurant.

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