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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cows are not autos!

I was shouting at the radio - how can you be so heartless?

Cows are not autos!! 

There's much debate at the moment about milk prices and whether dairy farmers are getting a fair price for their milk. Some are protesting at the moment in the UK - (but this is an American issue as well) - even pouring the milk down the drain to make a point. Others are simply selling up their farms, no longer able to make a living at something which is our heritage.

And then some economist came into the discussion on the radio and starting saying that it is a fact of life now - whether in auto manufacture or farming, the economics demands mass production and paring down labor to a minimum to achieve massive economies of scale and product prices that the consumer will pay. What is wrong with us? Are we really happy for cows to become machines? Are we really happy that cows should be housed indoors in mega farms, never being able to graze in outdoor pastures? Are we happy that so many male calves are killed at a few days old and the cows forced back into pregnancy as soon as possible to keep the milk cycle going? It's all about money, money, money. What about animal husbandry? Are we really happy that so many animals suffer so that we can get food ever cheaper? Doesn't the quality of our food matter any more? Doesn't the welfare of our animals matter any more? Our celebrity chef Rick Stein summed it up wonderfully:

"We need to eat less, moan less and value what we eat."

YES!!!!! Well said Rick.

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