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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Corporate social responsibility or profit with purpose?

What difference does your company make to the world? This is the title of a great article written for The Times a few weeks ago by Dr Naftali Brawar, chief executive of Spiritual Capital Foundation; it is posted up in that website.
The point being made is a good one. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dates back to the Nineties when companies looked towards bearing greater responsibility to society, to the environment, and to the next generation. Noble aims indeed. But care needs to be taken, the author writes, that CSR doesn't become just another marketing tool without reflecting, without being underpinned by, a genuine commitment to all that CSR implies.
Brawar proposes a new model, called Profit with Purpose. If your company or business were to cease to exist tomorrow, what difference would it make to the world; an important existential question, linked by Brawar to God's question to Adam in the Garden of Eden - Where are you? - interpreted here as "Where are you heading in life?"
It's worth checking out the article and indeed the whole website of the Spiritual Capital Foundation, especially their ideas on Spiritual Capital, an idea very dear to my own heart.

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