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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How much money are YOU throwing away?

It costs £6 million to deal with the food we throw away every year - and that's just in Surrey UK! That's one county among many. And that's the cost of collecting and recycling the stuff, and it's just a third of the total food we waste.
And that money could fund 630 primary school places, buy a million library books or fix 108,000 potholes. 
Those are the stats in the latest magazine we receive regularly called Surrey Matters, from Surrey County Council.
That got me thinking again about the cost of litter. It costs council tax payers in England £885 million to clear up our litter and by 2015 this is projected to nudge £1 billion!! That's lots of kids not being taught, books not being bought and potholes not being mended!!
And in America it's no better. Just have a look at http://www.ecori.org/pollution-contamination/2012/2/2/societal-cost-of-litter-is-largely-hidden.html for lots more info about the cost of litter on the other side of the pond.
Down the side of this blog you'll find an infographic from cleanupbritain.org that paints a shocking picture.
You can sign the pledge there to do your bit to clean up your country, wherever you may live. Think of the money that at the end of the day must come out of our own pockets if we don't take our litter home with us and if we chuck so much food away!

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