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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Global warming and sustainable living - scientific evidence

Scientists issue open letter on climate change

Here is another valuable contribution from my favourite blog, planet thoughts. Here is a very clear and succinct explanation of the scientific process in general and more specifically the support for the view that we contribute to climate change. More than 200 members of the US National Academy of Sciences have spoken out and signed this open letter and it is a must read for all those who are climate change skeptics and who also believe that science can categorically prove that things are black or white. Of course science cannot do this, and this is the cause of much misunderstanding amongst the general public.

I have written on this very same theme myself not so long ago in this blog.

Sad that the comments on this letter so far on "planet thoughts" revolve around disputing the actual number of scientists involved! We all want to be clever all the time, to debate unceasingly, often displaying unhealthy pedantry, whilst the world continues towards destruction under our not so clever stewardship.

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