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Monday, 21 February 2011

Hope in healing - How understanding and healing trauma could solve the planetary crisis.

“…(O)ur first responsibility … to ourselves, our families and community, and to humanity, is to heal ourselves of whatever traumas we may be carrying…work to heal our relationships…treat every person…with respect, warmth and dignity…treat the Earth with the care our home deserves. If everyone did the same, humanity and the planet would be healed.”

This is taken from an absolutely fascinating book just out in the UK, (mid March in the USA), Hope for Humanity. The thesis behind this substantial book by Malcolm Hollick and Christine Connelly is that our present global crises are the result of unhealed traumas, both collective and individual. Traumas from the last 6000 or so years are embedded in our culture, inherent in our make up today, and these need healing on a grand scale. As far as modern sources of trauma go, it is clear that nurture of our offspring from “in utero” onwards has a profound effect on our development, on our level of traumatisation and how we develop as humans, with huge implications for the future of humankind. All these traumas, left unhealed, affect the ways we behave, creating more trauma, in a self perpetuating cycle. Trauma begets trauma. Preventing and healing trauma would go a long way towards resolving the crises of our civilisation. We could then start to heal our world and find hope for the future of humanity. Meanwhile the malaise of the human spirit is undermining our intelligence, creativity and mental health.

Read more about this on Malcolm's own blog.

Here we have one of a collection of books currently appearing that in their various ways, sometimes writing from differing perspectives but all with the same underlying message, call for more healing, compassion and empathy in healing the world. They are all essential reading for those who want to understand how they can do something practical towards saving mankind.

A wonderful message of hope.

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