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Friday, 18 March 2011

Cell phone stupidity

Mobile phones or cell phones - whatever we call them, we are so unbelievably stupid with them. I have ranted on this before on other forums, but I think it was a survey by the insurance company esure that came up with the statistics that 45 percent of drivers - that's nearly half of us - send texts and make calls while at the wheel. Moreover, 9 percent - that's 9 out of every 100 drivers - apparently use mobile phone internet services while driving. Can you believe that? Unbelievably, someone posted on Twitter: "I'm driving with my knees and peeling an orange - probably not the safest thing to be doing." You bet!! Lucky he didn't kill someone. If  he wants to kill himself that's his choice, but leave me and my family and friends out of it.

Today someone nearly hit my car as I was waiting to let her through - guess what - she had one hand glued to a phone glued to her ear.

For goodness sake leave them switched off and put away - preferably where you cannot reach them - while driving.

Is there no one else out there astonished at such stupidity? I don't even have mine on in the car when I'm driving.

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