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Friday, 1 April 2011

The Cultural Creatives - an important emerging planetary culture

Ten years ago Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson wrote The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World.

Now there are more than 200 million Cultural Creatives, with exciting implications for the future of our world.
Why is this exciting? I can best quote the Wisdom University definition of Cultural Creatives. They are:
“people who are deeply spiritual without being dogmatically religious, and who enjoy technology and economic prosperity but not at the cost of the environment or community. They understand the world holistically and are deeply committed to non-ideological politics that emphasize practical solutions…they represent a dramatic departure from the traditional value system of religious fundamentalists and the modernist worldview of much of the scientific and business community. Not since the Enlightenment, when the modernist worldview began to emerge, has there been such a profound realignment in fundamental human values. Cultural Creatives are the emerging wisdom culture.”
Their potential for healing this wounded earth is enormous. Here indeed is an important emerging planetary culture.
A documentary video has also been made, based on Ray’s latest work, by Frygis Fogel, an Hungarian independent filmmaker, about the Cultural Creatives movement; “Cultural Creatives 1.0 - THE REVOLUTION.

This is all exciting for me. Paul Ray’s work and his recognition of the Cultural Creatives was an early influence in the preparation of my own book, which he endorsed, on healing the earth. Here I emphasize the need for spirituality, compassion and empathy, in everything that we do, in our work and at leisure. The book’s collection of ideas, to inspire and involve all those who want to find a new and sustainable way of living, speaks to the Cultural Creatives amongst us and offers a way of joining us together in action. Otherwise we are in a lonely place, often not understood or taken seriously by those around us.

Paul now heads up the Institute for the Emerging Wisdom Culture at Wisdom University, who have sponsored his latest research into the Cultural Creatives. Based on these findings, the Institute will then develop a range of studies, seminars, conferences and publications to further promote this essential culture. But most important of all will be the "joined together" action from the bottom up, by individuals committed to healing the world. 
Do watch the video. I hope to return to Paul’s latest data on the Cultural Creatives and his ongoing work at Wisdom University in later posts. There is much to assimilate first, but his conclusion to his paper The Potential for a New, Emerging Culture in the U.S. (Report on the 2008 American Values Survey) makes it very clear that the movement has shown a dramatic growth, since his earlier research, with huge potential for changing the world and making it a better place for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

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