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Monday, 26 September 2011

Double Standards

On Saturday I posed the question:
Is it not disgusting, for example, that 43% of children under 5 in India are severely malnourished whilst the country’s leaders are having gastric band surgery for obesity?
And here is another double standard:
Leaders of the world last week attended a United Nations General Assembly get- together in New York to consider some of the world's most urgent problems; how do we end conflict, poverty and hunger.
Fair enough.

But how about this.
It was widely reported last week, (I saw the story in The Times last Friday September 23rd, quoting from the New York Post), that during the meeting President Kagame of Rwanda, leader of one of the world's poorest nations, stayed in one of the world's most expensive hotel rooms, a $18,000 a night presidential suite (at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Travel Republic are offering rooms on line for £185 per night - OK I know such would not be suitable for President Kagame). This nightly bill, the papers point out, is roughly 14 times the average annual income in Rwanda. To cap it all, Britain apparently gives aid to Rwanda of £84 million a year, for health and education, better governance and to foster economic growth, and America had been giving $10-15 million in emergency food aid pa until President Obama halted this when he came to office.
Let's start collecting these examples of appalling double standards.
Do some people have no shame or sense of fairness and values?

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