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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Peak Oil and Preparing for the riots of 2030

Both the USA and the UK have never had to face the issue of running out of natural resources– 
but we will.

“Oil is one commodity and water is the other one I see looming on the horizon, especially in the West.”

Not my words of warning – I quote from the blog of Eric Holdeman, “Emergency management in the blogosphere,” writing on the German Army report on peak oil, Review of Bundeswehr Report on peak oil: Section 2.2. Tipping Point (Nov. 2010) that has just become available in English translation.
The approved version of the German report was released last November, although it had been previously leaked, and it was only available in German to start with. Now it is available in English. Alarmingly it has received almost no media attention, even in Germany. Because everyone, emergency planners, politicians, educators, journalists, needs to recognize and act upon what it is saying.

Interestingly, Holdeman writes, his blog post on Preparing for the riots of 2030  struck the greatest nerve with people. “Some commented that it won’t take that long to get to the point before we have major riots in our urban areas.” Holdeman’s premise in that blog posting was that rioting would develop out of the “disparity of income and the lack of upward mobility coming home to roost.” He now adds “a shortage of resources to that list that can accelerate and acerbate the feeling of hopelessness.”
Oh yes! The recent riots on the streets of English cities strike a chord here! Wait ‘til the effects of oil shortage start to bite! 2030 or sooner?

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