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Monday, 20 September 2010

The Pope's Visit - a Time to Reflect

So. Pope Benedict XVI has left these shores after what must have been an exhausting trip for him. I liked the idea of him having "an afternoon nap." At his advanced age that must have been essential. But how wonderful that he came, for Catholics and Anglicans alike. I have just read the comment in the Periscope Post and left my own comment there, reproduced below:

"From my perspective I see the Pope's visit as a great success - and I am thrilled with David Cameron's response, linking the teachings of a great faith with his own Big Society. Yes terrible things have happened but apology has been made unreservedly and we need to forgive and move on, or we do not heal. And a conversation has been started, as David Cameron observed. Also I do not think the rude and often downright offensive comments from angry humanists and atheists really gain much respect - or they certainly shouldn't, but I guess the publicity does help to sell their books.
And what about the cost? I see this as being part of a package that comes with being British. I am not in the slightest bit interested in sport of any kind, let alone the Olympics, but I accept that those costs also come in a British wrapper and I cannot and would not complain."

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