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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Prince Charles too dangerous to be King?

Prince Charles too dangerous to be King?
I am dismayed today to read this headline in the Daily Mail, to an article written by Max Hastings. I have recently written two blogs around Prince Charles' new book Harmony, and its importance for our world and our survival within it. Now yet again here is someone who is totally misunderstanding what Prince Charles is saying.
I quote from my previous blog on this:
"Clearly his message is not getting through yet to many of the populace. Far from being old fashioned, His Royal Highness is very much up to speed with all that is going on in our world and more than happy to embrace new ideas - as long as they are sustainable and not harmful to our planet. He thinks and feels very deeply about these issues, is hugely knowledgeable about them and passionate to do all he can to promote a new sustainable way of living for us all in the interests of protecting our planet from any more harm. And if that means resurrecting many values which we have lost sight of in the profligate West, what is wrong with that? We must not confuse ancient wisdom with the derogatory implications of the term "old fashioned,"...."
And Prince Charles' views most certainly are NOT dangerous. the danger is when we ignore them.

Contrary to what Max Hastings says, Prince Charles is most certainly not woolly headed, and he is not rejecting all science - he is simply saying that there is far more to understand beyond reductionist and materialistic science - such science does not provide all the answers. There is an urgent need to be more in touch with nature and understand the fragile nature of the world's ecosystems, of which we are but a small part. We need to work WITH nature, not have dominion over it. Make no mistake, the earth can carry on very well without us when we become extinct through our own actions. I urge anyone to beg or borrow or buy and read this book and ignore Max Hastings.

The photos show a small part of the devastation wreaked to a sea level garden area of a hotel in La Gomera, damage caused by an abnormally rough sea and high tide a month or so ago.

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