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Sunday, 5 February 2012

China's Power Stations

Over the last few weeks and indeed months it seems that climate change and sustainability issues have been lost under the welter of stories about banks and Occupy demonstrations and tax scandals. So it was refreshing to hear a radio programme the other day about responsible shopping and "green" issues regarding what we eat and wear. But sadly the same old chestnut came out about why should we bother where our tomatoes come from when China commissions a new filthy fossil fuel burning power station every week.
Quite apart from the fact that this does not excuse us from living sustainably and responsibly, (two wrongs after all never made a right), the Chinese Government is listening to the concerns of the world and turning to religion, to its own Daoist followers, for their wisdom and advice. 'No one disputes the astonishing growth of consumerism and wealth in China today and increasingly China is trying to address whether this is sustainable,' said Martin Palmer, Secretary General of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation. 'But maybe deeper than this,' he continues, 'is the question of whether China can also be compassionate, wise and community-focused once again. This is why the Chinese Communist government for the first time ever is meeting with the Daoists of China (China's oldest religion) to see how this ancient wisdom and spirituality might put a heart back into the ever-expanding body of modern China.'

Mr Xu Jia Lu, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, former vice president of the Beijing Normal University, and president of the China Association for Promoting Democracy, is quoted as saying:
“Humankind needs to urgently return to the wisdom of ancient sages. Their words and philosophical thinking are more closely related to the real truth and rules of our world. What kind of inspiration or wisdom can we learn from the Daoist idea that “Dao follows nature”?”

So let's not despair, as the lady phoning into our radio programme seems to be doing. Surely this action on China's part represents a small glimmer of hope?

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