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Monday, 6 February 2012

Local currency about to be launched - the Bristol Pound

What splendid news - I read that something I recommended in my book Healing This Wounded Earth, that is, the spread of local currency schemes like LETS, is happening. UK city Bristol is due to launch its own Bristol Pound in May.
Community Currencies flourished in the United States in the Great Depression but did not survive World War II and the post war economic boom. They have been successfully resurrected and now there are thousands of schemes in the United States alone and many more worldwide.
LETS (The Local Exchange Trading System) is probably the most widely available and best-known system and is well established globally. This system trades in Green Dollars, a unit invented and designed by Michael Linton and David Weston in British Colombia Canada in the 1980s.
Money Shot Pictures, Images and PhotosIn the UK this Bristol scheme is thought to be unique as it will also be the first which can be used to pay local business taxes.
A BBC West article by Dave Harvey, their Business Correspondent, 'Bristol Pound' currency to boost independent traders,explains the scheme in detail.
How many more similar schemes are in the pipeline or will start up given the turmoil in the world's economies at the moment.

Well done Bristol! I hope this succeeds.

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