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Monday, 5 March 2012

Climate Change where Science meets Faith

At last a Climate Change book that looks at the whole issue and what we should do about it from the perspective of the compassionate Christian, rather than from the purely selfish perspective of saving our own skins or from a knee jerk reaction to materialism (although that does matter as well)! Having said that the book does come in for some criticism of its lack of any substantial action plans- what one reviewer calls a "lean menu."
A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions is by Katharine Hayhoe climate scientist and geoscience professor at Texas Tech University, (and with her credentials she surely writes with authority) and Andrew Farley, who is, according to his Amazon bio, lead teaching pastor of Ecclesia, a growing church on the high plains of west Texas. Now a scientist and a pastor getting together on this is a powerful combination. Andrew apparently co-hosts "Real Life in Christ", said to be a thought-provoking TV program that airs every Wednesday morning on ABC-TV in west Texas and New Mexico - but I couldn't find the link for that - perhaps someone else can, and let me know. Andrew is also author of The Naked Gospel. and God Without Religion. Not sure about that idea - I need to check it out - but of one thing I am sure - we certainly need to bring compassion and the idea of personal responsibility into the equation in all aspects of our lives - not just in thinking about the suffering humanity that is the fall out from climate change - and something I've written about at some length in Healing...

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