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Friday, 23 March 2012

coffee and cake Mallorcan style!

Sadly this sees the end of a wonderful week I have spent in Mallorca. It's just as beautiful as I remembered it from previous visits many years ago. On the whole I have found it very clean. There are more cars, of course, with many more holiday hotels and apartments, but the road quality has improved at the same time and signposting is excellent. One day it poured with rain all day and was cool, but the week also saw people sunbathing and swimming in the sea (although I have to say they were brave!). It is of course quite quiet at this time of year. I imagine it will be very busy in the peak summer months when the package holidaymakers descend on the island. As for the businesses - they need that trade. Items in the shops are being reduced by 20%, 40%, 60% - I even saw one 80% reduction - so business seems bleak at present for the shopkeepers.


Dan said...

I need to get out more! What a view!

Dan said...

What a beautiful view. I need to get out more!

eleanor said...

Hi Dan good to hear fro you - great isn't it!

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