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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Apocalypse 2012 Part 1

The world is going to come to an end according to The Mayan Calendar on December 21 next year. Really?
I've just heard Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell FRS DBE - and she is quite an expert on matters astronomical - explain why the various cosmic theories are just a load of star dust!

Theory One - The sun's magnetic field will reverse and/or solar storms will take out the earth.
Actually the magnetic field reversal happens every 11 years - man has lived through something like a quarter of a million such reversals since he first invented tools - and the next one is due in 2021 anyway, not 2012. As for solar storms, they tend to be related to sunspots, also on 11 year cycles, the next one expecting to peak in 2013 and it looks as if it is going to be the lowest peak for 100 years. So actually fewer solar storms are expected, and they certainly don't look as if they'll take out the earth.

BUT - she did warn that it's not a good idea to be an astronaut in space near such solar storms as increased radiation from the storms makes navigation vulnerable, and that goes for GPS, mobiles etc that depend on satellites. 

Dame Burnell was speaking at a conference organised by the Scientific and Medical Network, on Patterns of Apocalyptic Thought. I shall be writing up the conference in full by the end of November at Conscious Connection.

To be continued this week - the earth's magnetic field, planet alignments and impact from matter in space.

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