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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Woodvale Challenge - Good luck Andrew Brown

"The Woodvale challenge is a biannual race and sees 40-50 boats row across the Atlantic. Solo, Pairs and Fours all take part in the race with crews arriving between 50-90 days after they leave from La Gomera.

Andrew is entered in the solo class.

• Departing from San Sebastian, La Gomera - 4 December 2011
• Arriving in Barbados - from February 2012
• Total distance - 2,935 miles

Successful completion of the row will make Andrew the 26th British person to row the Atlantic East to West. Andrew is aiming to complete the row in 70 – 80 days however weather conditions can result in solo boats taking up to 120 days for the crossing."

So good luck Andrew - you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people.

And if you are reading this, do follow the link for lots more about the race and to support Andrew. What an amazing way to raise money for charity. It makes my charity bike rides look like a walk in the park!!

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