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Friday, 4 November 2011

Streetbank and Make Wealth History

Here's a couple of good websites I've just found - one a brilliantly simple idea to help neighbours and neighbourhoods, to help real community building in a friendly and useful way- successfully trialled in West London and went nationwide in April 2010. Is there anything like this in the USA I wonder?:

The second is a Christian site, an exploration of sustainable living in the real world.
Make Wealth History Because the earth can't afford our lifestyle.

Any others on the same lines I should know of? I'd like to hear.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning us!

Streetbank is already working in a few places across the states - if you visit the grow page on the site, there are lots of ideas on how to grow a Streetbank community in your neighbourhood.

Thanks again and we love your blog.

Alice and the Streetbank team.

Eleanor Stoneham said...

That's kind - thankyou! I'm so glad Streetbank is working across the states.

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