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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Apocalypse 2012 Part 2

Every 300,000 years or thereabouts, the earth's magnetic field reverses - it stops spinning and starts spinning the other way. The last time this happened was 750,000 years ago so this one is overdue. But man has seen 11 such reversals since he first made his own tools, and none of these have been linked with any mass extinctions, let alone the end of the earth. And the whole process takes about 500 years each time!
We may be at the beginning of a reversal process now - but no significant associated problem of any kind is foreseen. 
But note - the spin of the earth does not change - it doesn't suddenly stop spinning one way and start spinning the other! Now there's an interesting thought!

This was the heartening news of Dame Burnell who was speaking at a conference organised by the Scientific and Medical Network, on Patterns of Apocalyptic Thought. I shall be writing up the conference in full by the end of November at Conscious Connection.

To be continued this week - planet alignments and impact from matter in space.


Colin Bell said...

"no significant associated problem is foreseen" - not by Dame Burnell, but a number of other scientists are worried that we might have less shielding from solar particles if the earth's magnetic field drops in strength. The consequences of this would be problems with satellites, possibly aircraft, and probably electricity transmission lines.

I don't think we know enough yet, but definitely a possible risk.

Eleanor Stoneham said...

Thank you for that Colin. Yes indeed some delegates felt Dame Burnell was too dogmatic and not willing to even consider alternative ideas and views and did not like her for that. We simply do not know what we do not know at the end of the day and a little humility is needed from some scientists!
And I notice a mistake in my post - the reversal takes 5000 years not 500 years per Dame Burnell.

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