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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nature with Spring in its step

Sometime during the last few days both my two small ponds have filled with huge dollops of frogspawn. Is this earlier than usual?

Although we have had a week of lovely spring like days on and off, the penalty we pay for clear skies at this time of year is cold nights, even frosts in places. Is nature being fooled? The blue tits have been visiting the nesting box for several weeks and I am sure they are now feeding their young in there. Is there enough food for them?

Even the daffodils are at last opening in the garden. Perhaps spring really is on the way.

I have just spent a glorious morning on the allotment in sunshine that was so warm that I stripped down to just a tee shirt!! Now it is cold and raining yet again! But there are wonderful spring signs up there. The rhubarb is showing through and the lovely Cerinthe have self seeded for another wonderful flower show later in the year. The brassicas have recovered from the pigeon damage in the snow, with the help of some less than neat netting that I put up in an icy wind and there are still some brussel sprouts for picking.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to obtain all our vegetable needs from the plot, free of chemicals and other unknown nasties on shop produce. I shall be posting photos and a diary of my vegetable growing endeavours throughout this coming year.

And how about these amorous parsnips!

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