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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Stop the Drop - Save our countryside from trash

and the streets were littered with cerveza cans

Trash, garbage, litter, whatever you call it, £2.1 million per day is spent in England alone on clearing it up. 1.3 million items are thrown down each weekend!! As I drive around our beautiful countryside I am dismayed by the litter along the verges. I have followed lorry drivers and watched as they toss empty drink cans or sandwich wrappers out of the cab window. I have seen car drivers empty out their car ashtrays onto the tarmac of the supermarket car park. I have seen swans hurt through swallowing fish hooks and nylon line, birds that have died in a tangle of string or netting carelessly left lying around outside. I have seen laybys festooned with the remnants of picnics because the family could not be bothered to take their litter home.
The workers who walk along the sides of the roads with their litter picker tools and the sacks to receive the garbage are clearly putting themselves in danger - and it is all our fault! Road signs alerting us to the dangers they face are increasing in number. In France the signs give them names - hoping perhaps that personalising the sign a little in this way will get through to us, help us to heed it.

But why don't we just "stop the drop?"
The Campaign to Protect Rural England has started a campaign, headed up by Bill Bryson, who is a staunch supporter of everything British. Will you support it?

I'm Trash Pictures, Images and Photos

So please dispose of your litter thoughtfully and carefully, so that England may remain green and pleasant for those who come along after us.

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