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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Why I Love Madeira


Scott said...

I absolutely loved Madeira! I visited there in 1998. I drank their awesome wine, toured the countryside, met some amazing and nice people. It was absolutely fantastic. Madeira was one of my first port visits in the Navy. It was only supposed to be brief stop for fuel (BSF), but our Captain loved the countryside so much he obtained permission for us to remain overnight. I sent postcards to most of my friends, drank lots of wine, drank lots of espresso, and overall greatly enjoyed myself. I can see why you love it, it is a very lovable place!

Eleanor said...

Thanks for your comment and for sharing that story - also for the mention back on your blog. It just about poured with rain all the week I was there (November) and I still loved it - so it will be awesome when I go back to better weather there! Quite a few of my photos put up lately have been from Madeira - more will surely follow!

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