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Monday, 15 March 2010

Why I Love Mallorca


Scott said...

I love these pics, they keep bringing back memories of things I've done and places I've been. I bought my mother, and two of my best friends strands of Mallorca pearls back in 2000 when we were there on my second ship. Please keep them coming! I was terrible at taking pictures when I was younger, so I don't have many pictures of the wonderful places I've been to. Now, my friends call me a "camera whore" because I take pictures of everything (over 15,000 in the last 2 years alone). Thank God for digital cameras! I have posted most of my pictures on Facebook, but I'm thinking I need to go back and post some of the better ones on here. Since I'm down for one more week after surgery, perhaps I could take some time and do that.

Please keep the pictures coming, they are awesome!


Eleanor said...

Hi Scott - so glad you like these - I suddenly thought it would be nice to share rather than hide away in storage like the old photo albums of which I have dozens! There are plenty more to come over the next few weeks or months - for example Portugal,Brittany (West France), Poland and Lithuania, not to mention favourite parts of England and more of Madeira and Mallorca.
I see you are on convalescent leave and have had surgery - I do hope it is all going to plan and healing well - lovely to hear from you again!

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